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World war II Binoculars have been used by astronomers, by semaphore posts, by sailing clubs, by bird-watchers, by fishing boats and others who needed a powerful, good quality observation instrument. They were also collected as military memorabilia.

In the late 1980's a couple of London dealers I know, Arthur Middleton in the West End and Brian Neal in the Portobello Antiques Market, started polishing them and mounting the binoculars on tripods and selling them to dealers from the USA.

They became very desirable Objects of Art in the last decade and they are very sought after by Interior Designers and owners of Penthouses and apartment with a modern look.

They are known by several names: large binoculars, deck binoculars, naval binoculars, battleship binoculars, flak binoculars, Kriegsmarine, U-Boat etc..

The main countries who manufacturer them are: German, Japanese, British, Russian and USA. The most popular makers are: Carl Zeiss, Emile Bush, E. Leitz, Schneider, Goerz, Nikko, Toko, Kawa, Fuji, Ross, Baush & Lomb and Huet.

The main sizes are: 8x60, 10x60, 12x60, 10x80, 15x8o, 20x120, 25x105, 25x150

We are specialists in Military Binoculars; we restore them in our own workshop, we have professional opticians, polishers and engineers to overhaul the binoculars to the highest level. We mount them on Tripods (wooden or metal) to suit all requirements.

We also offer our services if you need to overhaul, repair, renovate or sell your own Binoculars or Telescope.
Nikon 15x80 Periscope World War II  Ref: PP15x80
Nikon 15x80 Periscope World War II Ref: PP15x80 >>
Binoculars  10x80 world war II on Stand. Superb quality REF: P10x80C
Binoculars 10x80 world war II on Stand. Superb quality REF: P10x80C >>
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